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Artist:Kobayashi Kiyochika (小林清親)( 1847-1915)
Description: Untitled triptych: The Nawa-clan aiding Emperor Go-Daigo in his escape, from the series An Unofficial History of Japan (Nihon gaishi no uchi 日本外史之内) Published by Matsuki Heikichi in 1879. Depicted here are several members of the Nawa-clan 名和 helping the emperor Go-Daigo 後醍醐天皇 during the Kenmu-restoration (1333-1336), an attempt to overthrow the shogunate and restore imperial rule. No doubt to Kiyochika this historical event held close parallels to the recent Meiji-restoration, in which the Tokugawa shogunate had been overthrown by imperial backed forces. Interestingly, for this print Kiyochika deliberately borrowed from Yoshitoshi Tsukioka’s drawing style and acknowledged this in his signature. Depicted from left to right: Nawa Nagatoshi 名和長年, Middle Counselor (chūnagon) Tadaaki忠顕, Nawa Osamu (?) 名和長生, Nawa Nagashige 名和長重 carrying emperor Go-Daigo 後醍醐天皇 on his back.
Signed:By Kiyochika, in the style of Yoshitoshi (Taiso Yoshitoshi ni narau Hōensha Kiyochika giga 大蘇芳年倣方円舎清親戯画)
Size:Ōban triptych
Condition:Fine impression, colour and condition.
Price:Euro 750 SOLD