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Artist:Utagawa Kunimasa IV 四代 歌川国政 (1848-1920)
Description: Triptych titled: Picture of a large crowd of visitors at an autumn kabuki play in the completed Shintomi-za theatre (新富座本普請落成秋狂言看客群衆図). The interior of the Shintomi-za Theatre (新富座) in Tokyo, showing the various stages of a play with a flip-through inset featuring two scenes. Originally named Morita-za and considered one of the three great theatres of Edo, in 1875 it was renamed Shintomi-za. It burned down in 1876 and was reopened on June 7th in 1878. This print was probably a quick commission and was likely used to promote and celebrate the re-opened theatre. On the curtain is written the name of the main actor of the play: Ichikawa Danjurō 市川 團十郎 and their family crest. In front of the curtain are two gas lamps: this re-opened theater was considered extremely modern and also featured chairs (not pictured here). Published by Fukuda Kumajirō in July 1878.
Signed:Baidō Kunimasa hitsu.
Size:oban triptych
Condition:Good impression and colour, slightly toned and soiled, a large repair on the right hand sheet towards the bottom corner. Full size. Right hand sheet stain towards the top.
Price:850 euro SOLD