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Artist:Utagawa Kunimasa IV 四代 歌川国政 (1848-1920)
Description: Shikake-e (trick picture) titled ‘Chitose-za, Shin Kyōgen Kawari-e’ (New plays at the Chitose-za theatre, changing pictures). Interior of Chitose-za kabuki theatre in Tokyo, showing the various stages of a play with a flip-through inset featuring six scenes. The theatre opened in 1873 as the Meiji theatre, re-opened and renamed in February 1885 as Chitose-za. Published by Fukuda Kumajirō in 1886.
Signed:Baidō Kunimasa hitsu.
Condition:Good impression, colour and condition. Text in French added in the top margin. Left margin slightly stained.
Price:750 euro SOLD