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Artist:Kitao Shigemasa 北尾 重政 (1739-1820)
Description: Double koban perspective print (uki-e). Left: 両国川下大橋之圖 Picture of the river under the large Ryōgoku bridge. Right 越後屋呉服見丗之圖 Picture of looking at Echigoya's drapery shop in Surugacho. C. 1790 Both famous sights in Edo Japan: The Ryōgoku bridge was one of the three big bridges spanning the Sumida river and one of Edo’s most famous bridge. To the north of another great bridge (Nihonbashi) lays the Suruga district: a street lined up with warehouses. Pictured in the right prints is one of the main stores of this street, the Echigoya dry goods store. It occupied both corners of the street: the left corner dealt in silk, while the right was specialized in nonsilk fabrics (futo-mono). The store is easily identifiable by the large crests on the shops’ window noren: a circle with in its centre the character ‘three’, joined by the character for ‘well’, together reading ‘Mitsui’. Mitsui was the family name of the business operating the successful Echigoya store.
Signed:Twice, Kitao Shigemasa ga
Condition:Very good impression, colour and condition, slightly faded. Extremely rare uncut.
Price:Euro 2600 SOLD