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Artist:Toyohara Chikanobu 豊原周延 (1838-1912)
Description: No. 38 Grand Minister Kibi (Kibi Daijin 吉備大臣, from the series Eastern brocades: day and night compared (Azuma Nishiki Chūya Kurabe 東錦晝夜竸). Published by Kobayashi Tetsujiro in 1886. Pictured is Kibi no Asomi Makibi (吉備 朝臣 真備, 695 – 775) a Japanese scholar and noble during the Nara period, also known as Kibi Daijin. Went to China on a mission for 17 years and is credited upon his return with introducing to Japan the game of go and - as pictured here - the art of embroidery.
Signed:Yōshū Chikanobu hitsu, with toshidama seal.
Size:Oban tate-e
Condition:Very good impression, colour and condition.
Price:Euro 225