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Artist:Toyohara Kunichika 豊原国周(1835-1900)
Description: Syllable no の, Portrait of the actor Onoe Kikugoro尾上菊五郎, in the role of the ghost of Hayano (Kayano) Sampei 茅野三平 , from the series The Night Attack of the Loyal Retainers" (Gishi uchiiri no zu) . In the cartouche the syllable sa: Onodera Toemon 小野寺藤右衛門played by Nakamura Komahachi 中村駒八. This chūshingura series of 22 prints depicts two loyal retainers in each print: a half-bust portrait and one retainer in the cartouche. Published by Yamamura Kanesaburō in May 1872.
Signed:Toyohara Kunichika hitsu, with Toshidama seal.
Size:Oban tate-e.
Condition:Very good impression and colour. Very good condition, two small brown spots.
Price:Euro 395