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Artist:Tsukioka Yoshitoshi 月岡芳年 (1839-1892)
Description: Rare diptych titled Star of Saigo in the Southwest (Seifun Saigō boshi no zu 西南西郷星之図). Near the end of the Satsuma Rebellion (1877) , an unfamiliar red star shone brightly in the night sky, and rumor had it that this was Saigo Takamori (who led the rebellion) incarnated to a star. Newspapers reported the star being mars appearing close to earth. Several artists depicted the story in creative ways. Published by Ebisuya Shōshichi (signed here with family name Kumagai Shōshichi), 10 September 1877.
Signed:ōju Yoshitoshi giga, with artist’s seal Taiso on right sheet.
Size:Oban tate-e
Condition:Very good impression, colour and condition, some staining in right hand margin of right hand sheet and on left margin of left sheet.
Price:Euro 800
Reference:Keyes 388