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Artist:Adachi Ginkō 安達 吟光 (b. 1853; act. c. 1870 – 1908)
Description: The second Kyōgen prologue, Taihei sea scene (Dai ni-banme kyōgen jomaku Taihei-kai no ba第二番目狂言 序幕 太平海の場) , from the series Colourful Tales of the Castaways - Western Kabuki (Hyoryu kidan Seiyo Kabuki 漂流奇談西洋劇). Pictured are the fishermen Kanematsu on the left (played by Ichikawa Kodanji), in the middle Mihozo (actor Ichikawa Danjuro) and Mihozo's father Goemon on the right (Nakamura Nakazo) caught by a sudden storm in the sea. Published by Sakakura Fukutaro in 1879.
Signed:Adachi Ginkō, with artist’s seal.
Size:Oban tate-e.
Condition:Very good impression, colour and condition
Price:Euro 200 SOLD