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Artist:Hasegawa Sadanobu 長谷川貞信 (1809-1879)
Description: A beauty from the series Famous Products of Osaka (Naniwa jiman meibutsu zukushi 浪花自慢名物尽). Depicted here is the Surugaya (famous confectionery shop) neri yōkan (駿河屋煉羊羹): their famous paste yōkan. Yōkan is a jellied candy, shaped like a stick with azuki red bean paste, agar and sugar. It is said that the Surugaya confectionery shop was the first store in Japan to make neri-yōkan in 1589.
Signed:Hasegawa Sadanobu ga
Condition:Fine impression, colour and condition. Laid down on brownish paper.
Price:Euro 350 SOLD