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Artist:Utagawa Kunimitsu I 歌川国満 (act. 1800s–early 1830s) and Utagawa Toyokuni I 歌川豊国 (1769–1825)
Description: Triptych, a playful parody of the story of Ushiwakamaru (young Yoshitsune) learning swordplay from tengu at Mount Kurama. Instead of tengu we see bijin fighting Ushiwakamaru with plum branches. Ushiwakamaru leaps up high in the air like a feather and Sōjōbō (king of the tengu at Mount Kurama) is depicted overlooking the scene on the right sheet. Sōjōbō is usually visualised as an old bearded monk donning a red cloak and holding a feathered fan (with which he can create terrible storms): the fan the lady holds is a clear mitate to the legendary tengu king. Published by Izumiya Ichibei (Kansendō) in ca. 1801-04.
Signed:Kunimitsu ga (on right and center sheet), Toyokuni ga (on left sheet)
Size:Oban tate-e triptych
Condition:very good impression, colour and condition
Price:Ask us! SOLD
Reference:Hizô Ukiyo-e taikan/Ukiyo-e Masterpieces in European Collections 3, British Museum III (1987), pl. 1; Ukiyo-e taikei 9 (1976), #s 243-5; Ukiyo-e taisei 10 (1930), #299; Album ... Reproduced from the Collection of Ken-ichi Kawaura (1919), #153