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Artist:Keisai Eisen 渓斎英泉 (1790-1848)
Description: Courtesan ōi (大井) from the Ebiya house, from the Series Scenes of Yoshiwara through the Four Seasons (Seirō shiki sugata no e 青樓四季之姿會/青楼四季之姿会). In the cartouche a beauty plays the shamisen by full moon, the inscription reads Picture of moon viewing (Tsukimi no zu 月見之図) Published by Hiranoya Chōemon in ca 1804-1818.
Signed:Eisen hitsu with artist seal reading 'Sen'
Size:Oban tate-e.
Condition:Very good impression, slightly faded and tonend. A rare early Eisen.
Price:Euro 1650