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Artist:Tsuruya Kōkei 弦屋光渓 (b.1946)
Description: Onoe Baiko VII as Mokuzume, daughter of the Taguma House, in [the play] Tamamo no Mae Kumoi no Hareginu (「玉藻前雲居晴衣」より七世尾上梅幸の田熊娘藻女) from the series Bust portraits IV (Design 6) 第四期大首絵シリーズの6. Edition 9/45. Self-published in October 1984. Performed at the Kabuki-za, 1984/10.
Signed:with artist's seal reading Tsuruya Kokei.
Size:Dai-Oban 40.0×27.0cm
Condition:Fine impression, colour and condition
Price:Euro 850 SOLD